Audit & Assurance

Here at Albatross in Cyprus we consider our audit and assurance services as an ideal opportunity to assist you achieve a higher business efficiency by identifying weaknesses in your business performance. Beside of a Statutory Audit, that allows you to comply with rules and regulations, we aim to provide constructive assistance that will lead you in achieving and strengthening your business objectives.

We maintain direct contact with you and/or your appointed associates to ensure that all timeframes are met. This enable us to be aware of all the developments in your business.

Our audit services are based on an in-depth understanding of your business and the commercial environment in which you operate. Upon performing a risk assessment our team of professional auditors is focused on financial risk areas in order to assist you mitigate those risks and increase the efficiency of your business. This is accomplished by using modern computerized auditing techniques.

Furthermore, our team in Cyprus will advise you regarding implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs).

In addition to statutory audit of financial statements of a company, we are also able to provide other specialised assurance services including the audit work required for Non-profit Organizations, Pension schemes and Registered Funds.

We have prepared several assurance reports that were useful to investors before proceeding with a serious investment. If you need a Due Diligence Report, Albatross is the right place.

If you need audit and assurance services, please contact us.