Company Formation

No one can be the expert in all the fields of financial services, thus we have built a network through our associates to find the right solution for your needs. We are working in the financial industry for many years, and throughout our experience we found the right expert that will assists us to meet your needs. Setting up an entity in Cyprus is easy and fast through a reliable system, you just need to follow the right procedure.

Main Business entities in Cyprus


  • You can set up a private limited liability company by shares or by guarantee without share capital
  • There is no minimum share capital requirement
  • You need to appoint at least one director and one secretary
  • You should have a register office in Cyprus
  • You have to prepare and submit annually audited financial statements to the Registrar of Companies


  • Partnerships are not independent legal entities
  • We can set up a partnership when you want to share capital and resources to carry on business together with your partners
  • There are general partners with unlimited liability and limited partners being liable for limited debts and obligations
  • You have to prepare and submit annual audited financial statements to the Registrar of Companies
  • Profits are shared to the partners and taxes apply to each partners if any

Overseas Company

  • An overseas company can run its business from a place in Cyprus
  • You have to register within one month from the establishment of business in Cyprus
  • You have to appoint a representative in Cyprus

The most common type of entity is to set up a Cyprus Company. Get a quotation from us!

Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean sea, member of European Union, between Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa offers the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe which is 12,5% through an attractive tax regime with more than 60 Double Tax Treaties.

What We can do:

  • We can set up a Cyprus Company under the right structure for you
  • We will arrange that you will comply your legal obligations in Cyprus
  • We will alert you for any legal timeframe and deadline in due time
  • We can offer to you the necessary accounting and audit services
  • We will assist with any other professional and legal service that you may need
  • We will become your Trusted Advisor in Cyprus

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to incorporate a Cyprus company?

It takes around 7 days to be registered and get all necessary certificates

Do I have to visit Cyprus to register a Cyprus company? 

No, you don’t need to visit Cyprus, we will take care the whole procedure and we will advise you and send you the paper that you should sign easy, fast and secure.

What is the minimum share capital for a Cyprus company?

There is no minimum share capital.

Do I have to register to the Tax Authorities?

Yes, upon incorporation we have to register your company to the tax authorities

Do I have to register the company to the VAT register?

There is a VAT registration threshold in Cyprus of €15,600 (per 12 months period) for sale of goods and services although you may be obliged to register to VAT in Cyprus If you perform or enter into some specific type of transactions. You may have the right for a voluntarily registration to the VAT in Cyprus. We will alert you and arrange you Cyprus VAT obligation or right to register in due time.

What are the annual legal obligations for a Cyprus company?
  • Arrange an annual fee for €350 to the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus
  • Prepare accounting books and records in Cyprus
  • Prepare annual audited financial statements in Cyprus
  • Submit the annual audited financial statements to the Registrar of Companies along with annual report
  • Prepare and submit the annual tax return to the tax authorities in Cyprus
  • Arrange all tax obligations to Cyprus Tax Authorities
What is the corporation tax rate in Cyprus?

The corporation tax rate in Cyprus is 12,5%.

Do I have to appoint a director for company registered in Cyprus, a person resident in Cyprus?

Not necessary, although if you want to enjoy the benefits from the Cyprus tax regime then the majority of the board of directors must be Cyprus tax residences.

Who can act as a director for the Cyprus company?

Anyone without a criminal record.

Do I have to open a bank account in Cyprus?

No, it’s not necessary. You can use any bank account worldwide to perform your activities.

If you have more question for a Company in Cyprus, please contact us.