FLC Services

We have been appointed as the First Level Controller of several projects in Cyprus funded by the Structural and Investments Funds of European Union.

A lot of projects in Cyprus were funded by the European Structure Funds to support innovative start-ups. Small and medium-sized business (SMEs) were funded to implement their action plans and achieve their goals. We have a deep knowledge of rules, regulations, and procedures of several funding programmes of European Commission that enable us to assist you being in line with the requirements and reporting deadlines of these schemes. Here in Cyprus, we are able to alert you for any action or claim which is not in line with the program guidelines and may freeze or cancel the whole subsidy of your approved budget.

We have been involved in projects funded under the following programs:

  1. Interreg Mediterranean
  2. Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean
  3. Interreg Europe
  5. Horizon 2020

If you are a Cyprus Partner or the Lead Partner of an EU funded project, please contact us.